Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two down, one to go!

So, my reason for wanting to finish the three sweaters is three-fold. One: Having three sweaters to wear on the cruise. Two: To free up the ten million needles that are being held up on these sweaters. Three: So I can say I finished three sweaters in a month.

I know it’s cheating (sort of), but isn’t this exactly the sort of situation where having ten thousand UFOs is a good thing? I mean, how else would people knit three sweaters in a month?

As of yesterday, the Gold Bullion sweater is done:

Gold Bullion Sweater

And so is the Ribbi Cardi:

Ribbin Cardi wSleeves

You can’t tell in the picture, since I hadn’t knit the collar yet, but I also fixed the sleeve issue.

bad seam

bad seam

I took a piece of waste yarn and threaded it through the troubled area, undid the mattress stitch down to the bottom of the formerly troubled area, and re-seamed it using the waste yarn as a guideline. The whole process took about an hour.

So now, the Ribby only has good seams, and a collar that needs some steaming. It will RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!

The sweater that I am currently finishing is the Pinup Girl Rugby Sweater:

Rugby Sweater

Cute, huh?


  1. Oh My! You have been busy. I love all your sweaters. The Rugby is my fav. But the others are great to. More power to you if you can get them all done. I hope you win some yarn on the cruise. Chow yummee yarn

  2. Nice! Who says you can't finish 3 sweaters in a month. Love the Rugby.


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