Friday, February 26, 2016

Sparkle magic

Genevieve told me not too long ago that she wished she had "sparkle magic". When I asked her what that meant, she said, "Like Elsa's magic, but with SPARKLES."

Of course.

So, I thought about wishes. Some wishes, I can't do anything about.

But sparkles? I can do. By the power of Amazon Prime, I bought one pound of "Elsa" glitter with the tap of my - also magical - fingertips.

They made cascarones at preschool today, and Genevieve loved it. (I can see your surprised faces.) The best part - Genevieve told me - was cracking them over their heads.

"Because THEN you have CONFETTI in your HAIR!" she told me, holding an uncracked cascarone so carefully that you would think it would crumble in her hand.

After naptime, she declared that It Was Time, so we went into the backyard, and she showed me the joy of cascarones.


After her brief - and glorious - presentation, I told her that I remembered when she told me that she wished she had sparkle magic,

"I wish you did, too," I said. "I can't give you magic powers. But I CAN give you THIS."

And I handed her a one pound jar of glitter, and let 'er rip.

DSC_0204 copy
DSC_0205 copy
DSC_0206 copy

DSC_0207 copy

DSC_0217 copy
DSC_0218 copy
DSC_0219 copy
DSC_0220 copy
DSC_0221 copy
DSC_0222 copy
DSC_0237 copy
DSC_0232 copy
DSC_0234 copy
DSC_0225 copy

I'm going to chalk this one up to a parenting win.

DSC_0223 copy