Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Welcome to allergy season!

I may have mentioned before that our house has a garden that is not to be believed. Not only does it boast a dozen different fruit trees/bushes, we have a number of other pretty flowers- and a Japanese elm.

You can probably tell by my description (“pretty flowers”) that I am not responsible for the beauty that is my yard. My contribution to the yard beauty is that I scoop the dog poop. Andrew does the mowing, pruning, and manly stuff. He also set the timer for the watering system. What a guy!

I have a brown thumb. Maybe even a black thumb of DOOOOOOOM!

I accidentally maimed the cactus that Julie gave me last year. Mom called Cactus Protective Services and had it removed from my house. I don’t know if she managed to revive it. I suppose its best not to ask at this juncture.


The botanical genius who was the previous owner of our house planted all sorts of interesting things that burst into bloom all year. For someone like me, I need to wait for everything to blossom to determine which are weeds and which are flowers. (I am clearly NOT a botanical genius.)

This is the first spring that we are spending in this house, and we all are … enjoying the bloom. And by “enjoying” I mean, sneezing our heads off.

Even the dogs are suffering from allergies. Have you ever tried to give a dog eye drops? It’s an experience. One of the many experiences that I never dreamed I would have as a Dog Mom. (The vet gave me the option of eye drops or eye ointment. Really. I thought the eye drops would be easier.)

It took me a while to realize that I am allergic to my own yard. Really.

On Monday I noticed how beautifully our rosebushes were blooming. (I also noticed that they were planted so that as you go down the row, the colors go from a bright yellow through a dark red. I told you he was a botanical genius!) I noticed that my sinuses were aching, and put it together:

I have allergies.

It’s really a surprise that MENSA hasn’t come knocking at my door.


  1. When we moved in to our house, I took a leaf of each kind of plant over to the nursery, plopped them down and said "Okay, what do I have?" The Master Gardener gave me a list: this is a ____, this is a ____, this is a weed... 6 years later we had the entire yard landscaped with plants that Hubby wasn't allergic to.

  2. Where in this world do you live? Can't tell from your blog, or maybe I should read backwards? Could it be California? (Brilliant deduction since you mentioned cactus...maybe MENSA is knocking at my door, too.)


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