Thursday, April 24, 2008

A little color around these parts!

I'd like to present you to my new hair:

Hair & yard

hair cu

Blondes don’t have the most fun. Pinks do!

I’m going to say it. I am in love with my new hair. In lurve, even.


  1. Too Cute! Does this qualify for Cute Overload?!

  2. The pink hair is stunning! The smile tells the way you feel about it. The lipstick shade is perfect with it too. You look happy enough to twirl right there in the back yard.

  3. WOW, cool-shocking-pretty-shocking-brave-shocking-fantastic-shocking.

    Did I say that it is shocking? In all seriousness, I like it!

  4. Wow and who's your fabu hairdresser! Can she/he turn my gray pink?

  5. I LOVE IT. Way to go! Wish I was that brave but then again I don't live in Silicon Valley. Woooo hooo are you gonna stand out on that cruise.
    But does it really take so much maintenance to keep it looking that hot?

  6. I totally love the pink hair. Looks wonderful on you. It reminds me of Tonks (from the potter movies) except you wear it way better. Yummee Yarn

  7. shes finally become A Pink Lady... sans the jacket, of course.

    watch out, she's johnny nogerelli's - well, at least until grad.


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