Saturday, April 5, 2008


I like to repurpose items. For example: the shotglasses that The Karen gave me a few years back are now “splicing glasses”. They hold exactly enough water to get the necessary area damp, but small enough that nobody sneaks a sip of “furry water”. I don’t do shots (never have), but The Karen thought they were pretty (they are), and since she doesn’t drink at all, it may as all be shots. A very thoughtful gift, actually.

We have a salad bowl which has been repurposed as décor, and an extra shelf (from one of my bookshelves) for a portable winding station.

So, when I got serious about spinning a couple of years back, I considered buying a drum throne. When Colleen and I signed up for Judith MacKenzie’s comprehensive spinning class, the casual thought became a necessity.

I bought the Sound Percussion throne:


Colleen bought the Roc-N-Soc throne:


And we both got backs for our thrones. (Sorry, no pics were easily found online.)

I really like the throne for spinning- good lower back support, comfy cushion, and they are (relatively) portable. They can also be adjusted to work with different wheels, to a certain extent.

I find my throne to be more comfortable than the spinning chairs that are sold- the cutesy, kitschy, wood ones. It may not be ultra-aesthetic, but I can spin for hours without getting a flat butt.

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  1. Jasmin, is this an oblique reference to my having no ass? All kidding aside, I LOVE my throne, I even use it at the computer when not spinning. I guess the ergonomic padding will adjust to those of us with flat buns. Colleen


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