Friday, April 25, 2008

The pink pro-cess

It leaves to say that getting my hair as hot pink as it is has been a process.

Step 1: Highlights.

My hairdresser (the amazing Suzi) expertly does the highlights white-blond. (I couldn't tell her that it was going to be pink when all was said and done.)

Step 2: Pink.

If you want the same color, the dye is Manic Panic, and the color is "Hot, Hot Pink". Kaye did my "pinking", and I used two containers on my hair.

Step 3: Maintenence.

I'm washing my hair (with shampoo) every other day to prevent quick fading. When I do my daily shower, I'm using just conditioner on the alternate days, to keep it clean and curly. I finish with the Aveda "Curl Enhancer" goop.

If you have naturally light hair, you can skip Step 1. Suzi may have kittens when she sees the pink- but hey, she'll get used to it.



    It's PINK!!! I love it!!!

    You go girl!!

  2. It looks great :)

    One tip: To make the color last even longer, wash with Loreal Pro: Color Vive. It's in a red bottle, and I can attest that using that shampoo makes my color last 2 weeks longer than it would otherwise. You can use whatever conditioner you want, and the Aveda stuff is awesome, but I highly recommend this shampoo.


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