Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Facial Fungus

When did grunge make it’s comeback? In the TV workplace, specifically. On half of the shows I watch, all of these professionals look like they’ve just rolled out of bed- and not in a sexy way. It’s more like an “I wonder what they look like clean-shaven” kind of way. (I suppose this is part of why I’m a Wilson gal, versus a House gal. For the record, I thought Hugh Laurie was positively adorable in Stuart Little.)

It’s one thing if they’re in the process of growing facial hair. I’ll allow scruffiness for the purpose of future well-groomed-beardedness. But otherwise? Just lazy looking. (I’m talking about you, Grey’s Anatomy.) And the moral equivalent of Facial Fungus.

Even in space [BSG], the guys manage to be clean shaven. The human race is moving towards extinction, and they can take a few minutes for morning ablutions.

I can only think of one actor who pulls off scruffiness. But he lives in the woods and fights The Man. You can’t expect someone who lives in the woods to keep clean-shaven. Be real.

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  1. I just started listening to your podcast and really enjoy

    And speaking of dreams of Obama... there's blog post somewhere out in blogland with pics of him holding a sock. A fellow raveler, I think her name was Tracy, posted it. I can't remember her ravelry name but it was a terrific blog post.
    Happy Knitting!


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