Friday, April 4, 2008

Lessons from the mailman

Despite my attempts to buy my things locally, sometimes, I buy specific things online. This means that I have a close and personal relationship with our mail carrier. If I’m working from home, I chat with him for a few minutes, and collect the mail by hand.

MailMan thinks it’s funny that all of my packages are “oiled wool”. (He’s under the impression that all wool is full of lanolin, like the Aran sweaters his mom used to knit for him.) But, he’s a good sport, and will even haul the giant (and heavy boxes) into the entryway for dainty little me. He is really a nice man.

Yesterday, before I headed out to work, I was loading my car with boxes for a couple of friends, and MailMan walked up the driveway at the same time. With three packages- a small and a medium one for me, and a box for Andrew.

“Hm. I wonder what this is,” I said.

“You could open it like this [details spared for use in future espionage], and he’d never notice,” MailMan tells me.

“Hm. Good to know,” I reply.

While I can guess as to what is in Andrew’s box, I have never felt the need to snoop. But knowledge is power, right?

Have I mentioned that I love our MailMan?

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  1. Wait--he taught you how to break into the box without being caught? How many times has he done this during his route!?


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