Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Sometimes people say things intending to express themselves, and just manage to insult you unintentionally. Case in point:

Andrew and I ran into Sam (not my brother, the guy who works at the ethnic food store we shop at) and his drop-dead gorgeous wife. Later that evening, Andrew says to me, "Wow, if I were married to someone that hot, I would be worried about her cheating on me all the time."

Now, to most people who own functional ears this implies that I am rather homely, and thus, safe from the interests of other men. Not a nice thing to say to someone who sleeps next to you every night.

Being me, instead of sucking it up and thinking "Gosh, I am not pretty," I point out that he is calling me homely by making such an assessment, to which he argues that implying my homliness was not his intention.

I'm in touch with reality. I know that I'm not a super-model. Mine is not the face that launched a thousand ships. But I'm not exactly homely, either.

Just thought I would share with all the rest of you, homely and super-models alike.

I'm totally bailing on this post to go and finish Gone With the Nerd (to be reviewed upon completion and contemplation of plot, writing style, and nerd hotness factor).