Wednesday, April 23, 2008

List-y, list-y!

You know how I love the lists. This week, I have had the opportunity to make lists. Many lists. Lists of lists, even.

Such is the joy of travel. So, for your reading pleasure, I give you…

Jasmin’s Tips for Travel Planning

Make a timeline. It should look like this:

1 Month out -> Check flights. Check luggage. If luggage won’t work, order new luggage.

3 weeks out -> Check flights again. Post a countdown timer on your blog. Brag about it. Dust off existing luggage.

2 weeks out-> Buy all of the things that you need for your trip. If it is a “trip specific” thing, put it directly into your suitcase. This would include travel-sized toiletries, travel pillows, etc.

Do laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. While doing the laundry, pull clothing intended for the trip. Fold it, put it aside. I’m putting mine directly in the suitcase, but not in the “for reals” packing way.

1 week out -> Check flights. Arrange rides to the airport. Call in favors for this, if necessary. “For reals” pack the suitcases with everything needed EXCEPT for the daily use stuff.

Start eating everything that will expire in the fridge. If necessary, eat out the last day or two.

Call the credit card company and let them know that you will be traveling.

Check any meds- make sure you have enough for the trip and the week you get home.

The night before -> Check your flights. Go over your lists. Make sure you packed underpants. Check your carry-on for stuff that will get you a cavity check. If you must knit on the plane, bring a self-addressed, postage paid envelope for that project.

Charge your iPod, make sure you have your headphones. Also, pack a book. Just in case. Put your passport/ID and flight confirmation in the bag you’re taking.

Sometimes, a little OCD can be helpful, right?


  1. this travel timeline is great. I am going to print it up, stick it by the calendar and use it. Thanks

  2. Pajamas are my Sentient Waterloo - they hop out of my bag and crawl back into the drawer when I'm not looking, and then because I actually *did* pack them, I don't check and end up having to sleep in a t-shirt. Boo.

    So double-check for pajamas.


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