Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New mascara weirdness

I know that companies spend barrels of money on designing hip-looking packaging, and sometimes it works. I was in the market for some new mascara, so I went to my local drugstore and bought some.

I love Revlon mascara. I’ve used more expensive stuff, different brands, and I just don’t like them. They’re ultra-smudgy, and I don’t really care to look like a raccoon by mid-morning. The Revlon waterproof stuff is my favorite. I’ve tried a few different versions, mostly because my method of selecting mascara is this:

One: Is it Revlon?

Two: Is it on sale?

Three: Is it available in brown and black?

Very methodical, right? I picked the coolest looking / on sale mascara, looking for something new and different:


Clearly, the appeal of this is the awesome looking package. Look closely.

I like to test drive my new makeup on the weekend, mostly so that any cosmetic missteps can be resolved with minimal effort. Because I am all about minimal effort, really.

Sunday morning, I doll up to go to the spa, and I notice that the mascara’s consistency is a little on the heavy side. I figured it was the newness of the mascara- sometimes it takes a little practice to get the hang of new eye makeup.

When I got back, I realized exactly how heavy this mascara is. I looked like Liza Minnelli. With the giant fake eyelashes. But not fake. I started washing my face, and it felt like I had plastic tubing on my eyelashes. Like the kind that is on electrical wiring.

This morning, I took a look at the container. L'Oreal. Not Revlon.

Evidently, when I'm in a hurry, my reading skills are... not there. Looks like I'll be making a trip to the drugstore.


  1. Bwahhahahaha! I didn't get it until I got to the end of the post. Who needs to read when you have the internets?!?

  2. I have a bad reaction to everything L'Oreal makes. Shampoo, make up, you name it, there's always something about it my body dislikes. I have quirky contacts so I really NEED waterproof.

  3. Has anyone seen the Revlon marble-ous eyeliner packaging? Do you think it's tricky? It looks like three pencils, but you only get one. What a bummer!


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