Sunday, September 29, 2013

Toddler style

We've had a lot of big changes over the last couple of months. Genevieve is growing so fast, and learning so much.

Did you miss me?

Of course you did.
She's talking up a storm, and she has more words, and knowledge and stuff every day. We sing, we play, we read books, we make animal noises, and we do toddler stuff.

You know, toddler stuff. Like wearing ALL of the hair bows.

Less is more? No. MORE IS MORE.
And eating blackberries the messiest, and incidentally, most fun way.

"Did you want one of these?"

Genevieve also discovered that I can do *unbelievably* cool things, like playing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" on the piano. We play it together, and she is delighted because she can make music with her finger. Her finger.

We play it twice, and then do something else. Toddler style.
I wake up to this smiling face every day, and we're teaching her to wake us up with kisses. Because there is literally nothing like toddler kisses.


She is a wonderful kid, and (mostly) incredibly cooperative. I used to talk a lot about "old Jasmin", the busy person who used to get everything done every day. "Old Jasmin" is long gone, but "New Jasmin" gets a load or two of laundry done after bedtime, makes dinner (almost) every night, and sometimes an errand or some housework with Genevieve.

A place for everything and everything in... a place.
She does some things that are so distinctly grown up, like drinking out of a mug, or pretending to read something. Or sitting on a "big" chair, as opposed to her highchair.
DSC_0086wm copy

We are genetically incapable of taking a regular picture.
But just as soon as we see a glimpse of that older child, she does something to remind us that she's still little. Like snuggling up against my chest, or waking Andrew up to read her a book.
Barely keeping his eyes open.
And just like that, she's my sweet, snuggly little baby again.

DSC_0160wm copy
Little girl, big bed.

... Right until she wakes up again.