Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double-double top secret

Towards the end of Mom's stay in Club Med (which is how I'm referring to the time she spent becoming Bionic, btw), I cast on the Mondo Cable Cardi for a Knit(more)-A-Long. I know it's not really knitting along if I work ahead, but KALs give me wicked ennui, especially if I'm leading one.

However, like an illicit love affair, Secret Sweaters are full of joy. Partly due to the secrecy, and partly because the sweater is awesome. Susan from Abstract Fiber wanted me to test drive her new worsted weight yarn (Miro, get it while it's hot!), so she sent me a sweater's worth. Combine it with Bonne Marie Burns' genius, cutting edge fashion sense, and keen ability to capture my heart with a cardigan, and we have a winner.

You can see why I kept it a beautiful, glorious secret:


It's really not finished-finished, you see. I haven't pulled out Steamy to do the last little bit before I add the buttons. Pulling it off of the blocking board would deprive me of admiring my sweater when I'm going to the fridge, feeding the dogs, or making my coffee. Would you deprive me of this view?


I didn't think so. However, the idea of wearing the sweater is also appealing, since it's so gorgeous. Maybe I could convince myself to get it done as a public service. You know, since this sweater will bring joy to the masses, solve the Middle East crisis, and halt global warming in its tracks.


Or just be really, really pretty.