Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Once more, with less enthusiasm

Last night, while I was PLOWING through the cable chart on the Tangled Yoke, I missed an increase row. Where I take 8 stitches, and turn them into 40 stitches.

chart- showing increases

Yeah, the ones with the bright green arrows. Guess when I noticed? After I finished the FOURTH row after. Considering that rows 3-12 only took a couple of hours to knit, and I've color-coded the cables (which has made the knitting much faster), this isn't terrible traumatic.

(I say this AFTER consulting with Chloe, asking if a difference of 32 stitches will be TOO noticeable, of course.)

So tonight, I rip, have a glass of wine, highlight my increases (and decreases), and start the fun part over again. This has taught me to always put in a lifeline, because I am not always smarter than my knitting.

C25K- day 2:

C25k- day 2

Today was a little more challenging.

Things I have learned:

- Dancing is better on a treadmill than on an elliptical
- Trying to manually change the speed for the C25K walk/run things is an incredibly challenging task, not for the uncoordinated.
- Despite two years of physical therapy and wearing a brace, my knee hates the treadmill. Better to wait for an elliptical than limp. (Limping is only sexy on Greg House.)