Saturday, April 8, 2006

New Hair!

I woke up yesterday and realized that my hair was too long. It was on the verge of being frumpy. At a decent hour, I called her, telling her that I was desperate to get my hair cut.

She scheduled me in for 9:00 AM today, so I went in. We chatted, and I said that I wanted the same cut as last time; just about chin length with long layers in the front.

Going to the hairdresser is a full-service thing for me; any beautification that is in need of doing gets done in one trip. So, first and foremost, she managed to find a face on me after removing all the excess eyebrows. I love how she shapes my eyebrows, because they still look natural without that whole weird-shaped-bushy issue. Too bad I'm too lazy to perform eyebrow maintenance more regularly. This means seeing Suzy is a MUST for me. Otherwise, my face disappears under my eyebrows. It's a Persian thing.

So, my hair gets washed, we chat about how things are going, we talk about my parents, and then we go to The Chair.

The Chair was a place of much contention for me as a child. You see, Suzy has been cutting my hair since I was at least six years old. She cut it exactly how my mother wanted it done, rather than the way I wanted it done. This is how I kept a fairly classic hairstyle throughout the 80's , and didn't get my initials shaved into the side of my head like my best friend Ryan.

I shaved my head at the beginning and end of 7th grade (waaaay before it was cool), then took control of my hair when I hit high school. From then on, it has been my way, and I've been happy ever since.

Suzy is a great hairdresser; I have never walked out looking anything but smashing. I often forget this when I'm in the chair.

So, my hair is in the middle of being cut, and I think, "OH MY GOD! IT'S TOO SHORT!"

Too short isn't really a big issue if you have straight hair. But for those of us with rebellious curly hair with a mind of it's own, it's a huge problem. You get into this weird, frizzy, afro-y place, and it's just not cute. Then I panic that I'm going to look like a Beatle, but weirder. Or just a long-haired boy badly in need of grooming- with breasts. I'm agonizing over how long it's going to take, whether I am going to need to wear some sort of hat to hide my shame…

…and it's perfect. It's magically EXACTLY the length I had hoped for and the style is fantastic. We're going to get pictures (because I can never do my hair the same way she does it), and I'll try to get a picture with it curly. If I get to it.

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