Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Placenta, Please!

The topic of eating placentas came up on KnitFlame, so for your reading pleasure, here is my Evil Plan for the Andrew/Jasmin baby placenta.

Step 1: Have the baby. Bring it home, with the placenta.

Step 2: Invite over all of Andrew's siblings and their families.

Step 3: Serve a stew that looks like it could be placental stew.

Step 4: While they are eating, casually mention "placental stew".

Step 5: Mention all of the health benefits of aforementioned placental stew.

Step 6a: Let them wonder if they just ate placental stew.


Step 6b: Jump up on the table and sing "Ha ha ha ha ha ha, made you eat PLACENTA!" (to the tune of the "Made you eat your parents!" taunt that Cartman sings in "Scott Tennemann must die".)

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