Sunday, April 23, 2006

Attack Tisses

I am guilty of being a creature of habit. We take to the dog parks as often as we can (sometimes, we get them to the park four times a week). Elphie isn't much for playing with other dogs, most of the time, but she's warming up.

So, in order for her to get a little tuckered out, we have to get her warmed up. Niki will run and romp and play with other dogs as soon as we walk into the park, but Elphie needs prompting. So here is the "warm-up" we do with Elphie.

Step 1: Chase Elphie, squeaking "I'm gonna get'cha!" When we do it, Elphie knows it's a game, so she takes off at a sprint.

Step 2: Take a few steps back, squat, wait for her to turn around, call her to come. Elphie comes at a dead run. When she gets close, repeat steps 1 and 2.

So, Andrew is halfway down the park, and I'm at the far end, and Elphie is at the opposite end from me. I squat, and call her, and this beagle BLINDSIDES me with attack kisses. Or "tisses" as we call them, when they come from puppies. This beagle LOVES my dogs. Niki chased the beagle, the beagle chased Elphie, fun was had by all.

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