Monday, April 17, 2006

Just Stuff and FO’s! (Yes, they’re socks.)

So, I started having sleeping problems about 3 years ago. They were exceptionally bad back then, so bad that I started taking a magical, mystical medication that I would take, and BOOM! 15 minutes later I was sleeping like the dead, all night, and I wasn't groggy when I woke up.

As with any medication that works really well, prolonged use of it is bad for your whole body, but specifically the heart and liver functions in this case. So, I stopped taking it about a year and a half ago, when I stopped being stressed out over school. I thought that the hard part was over. And it was, sort of. But the problem is, that every time I would get stressed, I couldn't sleep through the night. My blood sugar would crash at about 3 AM, and it would take over an hour to get it settled down and try to fall back asleep.

So, this problem got really bad for a while when I was at my last job. Now it's comes and goes, but Mom seems to think that it's due to a protein deficiency. I've never been good about eating meat (I tend to not like the texture, or meat in large amounts), but I usually make up the difference in calories for the rest of my diet by eating carbs So, like Atkins, but backwards (very little protein, lots of carbs). I am a veritable carb FIEND.

As of Friday, I've been supplementing my diet with eggs. It appears to be helping. Don't ask how I'm eating them, just hum the Rocky theme and envision me running stairs. Because that's only going to happen in your imagination. And some of you are squeamish.

As far as work, it's going well. There has been a lack of firemen parading down my hallway; I assure all of my readers that I am planning to write a strongly worded letter about this drop in aesthetics for my floor. I'm sure there's a study out there that says having good looking men parading up and down the halls dramatically increases productivity and workplace satisfaction.

That's right, baby! Three pairs of socks finished in ONE day! No pictures, I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to store the photos on the internet, since the handful of pictures I've loaded have eaten half of my allotted space. Bastards (blogdrive, not the photos) .

Major WIP:
So, I'm stressing over this throw that I'm supposed to have finished by the first week in May. I got the yarn a week ago, cast it on, and got started on it. I'm hoping that all of this knitting in front of the television will mean that it's done for the show, but I worry that I'm just rotting my brain and I'll have a half-finished piece. There isn't usually any pressure put on me for show knitting, but I feel like I've been set up for failure with this piece, and that's discouraging.

It's not that I'm a particularly slow knitter, but I'm trying to figure out how I can knit 1100 yards worth of throw in under a month. It's a big project, so I can't really carry it around with me easily, but it's all I'm working on at home, so in theory, it just might get done. I keep telling myself that it's a huge project, and I have four pairs of socks that can be displayed at the very least.

Things I hate:

I hate people who are inflexible. And the busy signal. Who thought up that sadistic rejection, telling you that the person that you're trying to call is WAAAAY more popular than they should be?!! Not only does it make you have to call back later, but the sound itself is harsh.

Things I love:

When someone screws up and they make pirate noises to convey their frustration. HIL-arious! Also, I love the word "underpants". Kumquats; delicious AND fun to say!

Rage for the Boys

So, the boys are basically being booted from the DMC because the owners of the house want to sell. They moved in about 6 months ago, tops. This sucks something fierce; because moving sucks, and the house is SWEET! Hopefully the owner changes their mind; this year isn't really a great one to sell.

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