Thursday, April 27, 2006

My L.A. Plan

Some people have a "Vegas" plan (mine is to win a million dollars, that's all), so for your reading pleasure: my L.A. plan.

I have a one-hour layover at LAX on my way to Maryland Sheep & Wool. During the time that I am in L.A., I am going to be discovered. Grace wanted to know what I would be discovered for, and I think that's a pesky detail. I said acting (talent is another of those pesky details), or writing (because I'm not an exceptional writer- but you know that already).

So here's how it's going to happen:

Jasmin: [strolling to her gate in LAX, with Mom and Cynthia]

Casting Person: You there! With the curly hair! [points at Jasmin]

Jasmin: Me? [Looks around]

Casting Person: Yes, you! You are EXACTLY what I need for my next movie. Don't worry, it's not a hobbit role. You'll be the short, curly, lead in my show [insert show here]. Alternative line: [You'll be the short, curly, supporting actress on my show!]

Jasmin: Okay! But I have to go to Maryland now. Have your people call my people.

See how easy that is? If only.

Fun Stuff

There are a couple of huge boxes in front of my office. I'm tempted to drag them inside, build a fort and answer my phone "Fort Shanty".

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