Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Get your own damn coffee!

So, I've been feeling kind of crappy as of late. Squishy, even. One of my co-workers suggested that I'm being affected by the Seattle-esque weather. Which makes sense.

I broke down an added a splash of "rocket fuel" (aka, coffee made by one of my co-workers, strong enough to curl your hair and send you hurtling down the hallway at light speed singing along to Jekyll & Hyde. It happened to m- my friend) to my morning hot chocolate. A ghetto mocha, if you will. This is a really big deal, since I've been off coffee and tea since the Lump Scare of '05. I felt AMAZING. It's always been true, and I don't know why I've tried to deny it: caffeine is my narcotic of choice.

Since I have my entire life invested in California real estate, I am going to take a moment and bitch about the weather. I love rain. I do. But if I wanted Seattle weather, I would have bought a house in Seattle. The dogs are slowly losing their furry little minds, and I'm keeping a hawk's eye on the sky looking for a long enough break to take them out to run like crazy. However, the angst-inducing weather has inspired me to listen to a bunch of Gothic musicals at work (Jane Eyre, Jekyll & Hyde, Marie Christine, Phantom of the Opera, etc.).

Some Knit Content

This dreary weather has provided lots of knitting time, and I am working on a wrap/shawl for Tess Yarns which will [hopefully] be done in time for Maryland Sheep & Wool. Which is the first weekend in May. * demented giggle* But, despite being the most reluctant designer who ever lived, I am writing down the wrap as I am knitting/designing it. It's in a rather lovely seafoam green (which I look like death on a biscuit in, but looks great on my sister-in-law) superwash merino which is simply HEAVEN to knit with.

I took my sock samples back from the shop, since we haven't carried the yarn in over a year, and I'm going to up my "FO" numbers by knitting the second sock. But I have recently decided that I HATE the heel that I did on them, so I'm going to do the heel differently on the second sock. Probably. I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it, I suppose.

Elphie keeps trying to foil my attempts at being productive, and I am weak. Every time I sit down to knit, there she is, in my lap, demanding love. Since knitting will wait, and Elphie will age and lose interest in my love, she always wins. I don't have this problem with Niki, since he decides when he wants to be loved, and then climbs up on your lap to get snuggles. This was easier when we had first adopted him and he was 30 lbs. Now he's at 45 lbs. and takes up all of my lap and arms. In the winter months this is great; I have a lap full of warm, fuzzy, love. In the summer months, Niki tends to keep his distance and bask in the A/C.

What's going on my Ark…

In light of this Biblical amount of rain, remember your toothbrush when you're loading up your own ark. Then you can visit mine.

Stapler related injury

Remember how I swore at my stapler last week, for sucking? It struck back at me today. We were working away, la la la, got my rhythm going, and then SNAP! My stapler jammed, recoiled and sprained something in my hand. This is the worst pain that ever did pain me! I'm standing there, in shock (both from the pain and the sheer stupidity of the injury), and I realize exactly what has happened.

My stapler has gotten its' revenge.

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