Monday, April 3, 2006

I don't write poetry

I like to read. I like to write (poorly, as you can find for yourself throughout the archives of this oh-so fine blog), but for the life of me, I can't write poetry.

I was blog-surfing and found tomes (virtual tomes) of angsty teen poetry. I missed that one; I was more into singing angsty Broadway in the shower. Still am. Part of me just wonders why I don't really delight in writing poetry.

The sad thing? I don't particularly enjoy most poetry. I've heard a few verses here and there, but give me witty repartee between well-developed characters anyday. The writing on the early seasons of West Wing have this feel. Extra Jasmin points [to be awarded a special prize... eventually] for multiple musical theater references.

Instead, my "talent" (if you could call it that) is re-writing words to showtunes to make them suit... well, whatever. A glass of port adds to my "lyrical genius" [my own words, dripping with sarcasm].

I love deconstruction. Deconstruction of texts, movies, TV shows. It's so much fun. But not poetry. Except for limericks, which are the BEST!

A Sidenote:

Why is good fanfiction so hard to find? I mean, I could write it myself (and have in the past), but I just don't want to. Not when I'm in a reading mood.

Also, watching Hugh Jackman get beat in a belching contest (on the Kids' Choice Awards) with Justin Timberlake is shaming. I can't believe that scrawny little twerp beat him in a belching contest. A display of manhood, if you will.

I think it was rigged. There is no WAY that Hugh could have been out-belched by a little kid. Just so you know, I was utterly devastated when they announced the winner.

Not that I need to justify myself, but I watched the Kids' Choice awards SOLELY because Jack Black was hosting. I didn't realize that so many adult celebs were on it.

For my fans:

Tonight I will be performing from "Little Shop of Horrors" in my most frequent venue. Seating is limited, so run- don't walk, to a shower enclosure near you.

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  1. I don't know why you insist that you're a poor writer. I really don't.

    And yes, I *am* reading your blog backwards. (stalky stalk stalk Jasmin)


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