Friday, April 28, 2006

I am a glutton for punishment

I knew it was going to be bad. Horrid even. In this case "horrid" would be the NICE way of describing "American Pie 4: Band Camp".

I've said that good sequels are rare, but it is SO hard to resist renting them sometimes. Especially if you went to Band Camp. Which I did. All four years.

Here's the story: Stifler's little brother wants to become part of his brother's porn business. After a senior prank (where he pepper sprays the mouthpieces on the band's instruments right before graduation), the counselor (the Shermanator) determines that the most appropriate punishment is for the Stiffmeister to join the band at Band Camp. He continues to be a jock (and a jerk), but plants surveillance equipment to record "Bandies gone wild!" He's an asshole throughout the whole movie, but redeems himself in the end, becoming their leader. Isn't that sweet? The "cool" guy saves the band after screwing everything up!

Now, this could have been a good movie; after all, his brother redeems himself in American Wedding. A personal epiphany (though unlikely) isn't impossible. There is one line, where the drum major points out his pathological need to impress everyone with his coolness, where the audience thinks it may be a turning point, but it never quite comes to fruition.

Nothing really redeeming, the marching band culture is completely missed, and lots of gratuitous T&A. So very bad. Unless you like gratuitous T&A. And lots of fake T.

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  1. ....... T&A? I'm almost afraid to ask, because I'm pretty sure I don't want to know, but can't resist.


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