Friday, April 14, 2006

Being a Cosmetologist is harder than it looks

So, Andrew and spent some quality time last night waxing his back. I found that waxing someone takes some serious muscle. I also don't have the mad hairdresser skills required to straighten my own hair, or cut anybody's hair. This includes the dog's butts, which get shaved/trimmed down a couple of times a year. It always looks pretty bad at first, but gets better as it grows out. But still, I lack those mad skills, yo.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was a little over 70 degrees. This means I was driving with my windows down, sharing my gift of song with the world. Today was looking like it would be another such day, a day of music and sunshine. But then I made plans for the sunshine and jinxed it. Damn.

Anyway, since it was the first sunny day in ages, we took the dogs to the dog park, and there were mostly small dogs there- which is great for Elphie, since she's a little intimidated by the huge dogs. So, we're getting Elphie warmed up, chasing her around, it's great. This woman and I start chatting, and she was fawning all over how cute Elphie is. Because she is the CUTEST dog that ever lived. Seriously. Her cuteness is staggering.

I blog this, only because I'm a braggart, and in addition to being beautiful, my dogs are SMART!

Andrew and I have been working with them (classical conditioning) to overcome Elphie's history of abuse, which seems to be mostly dealt with and over (except for when she has nightmares and barks in her sleep). She walked up to a woman at the dog park and let her pet her head yesterday, and didn't duck away. This is tremendous growth for a dog who would hide in the backyard under a shrub when people came in the house.

How do we know the conditioning is working? The dogs go CRAZY when we put them in their harnesses. Because harnesses = FUN! (Or trips to the vet, but those have gone really well, so it's all the same to them.)

My Desk is Cooler than Yours.

My desk has a crank to make it higher or lower. I wish EVERYTHING had a crank to make it higher or lower. In the world (sub-terra) that I live in, everything is up way too high. Or too long. I've bought 2 pairs of pants that didn't need hemming in my entire life; both were "petites" from NY & Co. As in, "Special for the short and dainty." Not the norm.

Papercuts hurt more than they should. Seriously, I've broken toes, and it hurt less. This makes ZERO sense to me. Oh, and lemon juice on an open would really does hurt. I went home with papercuts on my hands, and (not thinking about it), because to squeeze a lemon over my food, and OWWW! Pain! In case you were wondering, I busted that freaking idiom wide open. I'm going to start a show called "Idiom Busters" in which we will see if a bird in the hand is actually better than two in the bush... and similar idiomatic mysteries.

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