Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After I landed at LAX, Ally and I headed over to the Howard Hughes theater at the Bridge to go and see Twilight.

I had read about half of the book beforehand. (The only reason that I didn't finish it on the flight down was because I ended up sitting next to some friends on the plane - unexpectedly - and catching up with them.) I had an idea of what to expect, so, there's that.

We had tickets to the "Over 21 only" show, in the Director's theater. Leather seats, waiters taking drink orders beforehand, assigned seating, and no teen fangirls.

It was the best moviegoing experience I have ever had. Maybe it was the extra-strength Bloody Mary, but wow. Courteous patrons, comfortable seats, and no ill-behaved teens. (If there are any teens reading, it's no slight against your demographic, it's just that as an adult, it's not fun listening to shrieking, unsupervised teens. Sorry.)

The movie? Delightfully dreadful. The actors were so good-looking that you almost forget that it's not that well-done.



  1. The balcony of the Kabuki up here is just like that. It's heaven. I've gone to see several bad action movies there just for the experience!

  2. That sounds fantastic. I haven't been to the movies in a really long time because our theater is CRAWLING with junior high kids. UGH!


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