Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A FO and mo'

So, last night I finished the knitting on the Sandi Sweater. Tomorrow, I drop it off at Purlescence for some gentle blocking and seaming. Woo!

My carrot to finish the Sandi Sweater was the Chloe-made-me-buy-it Pink Cashmere Sweater (CMMBIPCS for short). But, when I finished the knitting, the hour was late, and I am (as we all know) an incredibly fickle knitter.

Candy brought her completed Abby to Saturday Knitting. (By the way, Candy, there are no completed pictures of it on your Ravelry page. Ahem.) I remembered seeing Amy work on it on the cruise, and I loved it then. After seeing Candy's I knew I had the PERFECT yarn for it.

I've mentioned before that half-price cashmere is my weakness. Well, half-price silk falls into that same category of Jasmin 2008/Social Pressure Experiment Kryptonite. (That's right nemeses, now you know my weakness. As an aside, I wonder how a nemesis would use that weakness against me.)

The last time Purlescence had a giant half-off table, I pillaged and bought all the cashmere and 90% of the sale silk. In the haul, I had a cheerful pink silk. It 's the Artfibers Regal Silk- which is a single, and I thought, "This would look great as the Abby."

I cast it on an hour ago, and I've done the first repeat (of eleven). I've been telling Mom that cowls are the new black. I think this might be love.


  1. I will fully take the blame for that hot pink cashmere. You totally needed it.

  2. Okay, so some days I'm lucky I can remember my name. I'll block it this weekend and get pictures up then. ;)



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