Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The indignities of aging

Last week I went for my annual appointment with the optometrist. (Let's call him Dr. O. He doesn't get a cute nickname like Dr. B.) If you didn't know, I wear corrective lenses. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12 (for reading), and then in 2006, I was switched to contact lenses (because I had to wear corrective lenses all the time).

On Friday, Dr. O announced that my coverage included regular contacts (or glasses), and a pair of "computer glasses".

"What are computer glasses? Like, I wear them when I'm at the computer?" I asked.

"Yes," Dr. O said. Helpful, right?

"Over my regular contacts?" I ask, not believing what I'm hearing.


So, in order to reduce eyestrain, I have to wear glasses over my contacts. It makes me feel about 80000 years old.

But, I got cute Tina Fey frames. So hey, not so bad.


  1. My wife hates to wear hers but I think she looks sexy smart when she has the "Tina Fey" glasses on. She refuses to wear them all the time even though she should. I have worn glasses since I was 20 and actually prefer to wear them now.

  2. I love my glasses. But I don't really wear them outside the house because I just don't see as well with them as I do with my contacts. I do hear you about feeling old with these new developments. And trust me, it's hard to hear over the sounds of my knees popping!

  3. I have had to do this since I was about 23 years old because my muscles would get so locked in while working on the computer, I couldn't get them to relax and "see" right in the evening.

    About 5 years ago, I couldn't wear contacts anymore due to dry eyes. So I had to have 2 sets of to wear all the time. I swap them with the "added" magnification computer ones when I work on the computer!

    NOW...I've hit 40. If I spend too much time on time reading or working on the computer without using the "computer" glasses, I end up having to wear them in the evening in order to read!

  4. Don't worry! I've worked in an optometrist's office...turns out that this is a big problem now that people spend so much time at computers. It's an unnatural sight-distance, and doesn't mean you're old! Human eyes just have never before needed to see amazingly well between about 1.5-7 feet.

    Yeah, the problem worsens with age, but it doesn't mean you're a geezer!


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