Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Awesome, nerd-tastic birthday plans

I have a birthday coming up. Two weeks ago, out of the blue, Sam called me and DEMANDED that I come down to LA for my birthday- and to go to the Firefly/Serenity convention in Burbank with him. After some serious consideration, and weighing my options ...


I'm super-excited. We're also talking about seeing Wicked while I'm down there. Two packed, fun-filled days.

I have a feeling that 26 is going to be a very good year.


  1. Excellent plan! If your kid brother has an awesome idea that's actually feasible, take him up on it. Have fun!

  2. So jealous... I wanna see Wicked!

  3. I'm just damned pleased that I won't be nearly twice your age any more....

  4. Totally Awesome! I love Firefly/Serenity. Have fun!

  5. Big fan of your podcast. Those sound like awesome birthday plans. I was thinking of hitting the Stargate convention which is apparently in the same place, at the same time but I saw everyone at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer including Joss and Nathan Fillion at a hilarious Dr. Horrible panel.

    Also, if you like, I am a member of the Magic Castle (www.magiccastle.com), an exclusive magic club in Hollywood right near the Pantages and would be happy to get you and any of your friends in as my guests while you are in LA. It's a unique place and lots of fun. Though with a strict dress code. Just let me know if you are interested. allison1031@gmail.com


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