Monday, November 10, 2008

Mondays are for nerds

If you've been a long-time reader, or you've read the archives, you know that I find nerds irresistible. I read nerd romance novels, I observe nerds in their natural habitats, and I watch nerd TV.

Yes, nerd TV. It started with Beauty and the Geek (which I watched mostly for the eye candy, since I hated the premise). Then, I discovered Chuck and The Big Bang Theory. Of course, no "hot nerd" discussion is complete without the mention of Dr. Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds), and the plethora of nerd eye candy from Heroes (keeping one specific, I-always-knew-he-was-just-misunderstood watchmaker in mind).

It's basically all nerd eye candy and nerd humor. Chuck is full of more common nerd pop culture references, where you need to be a hard-core geek to really enjoy the humor in Big Bang Theory. Like, speaking Klingon hard-core. (Qapla!)

So, Mondays are for nerds. The lineup is all there. Chuck, Big Bang Theory, and Heroes. I'm a sucker for a brilliant men in glasses. (Or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Apparently, brilliant and arrogant work, too. Does this sound oddly familiar to anyone?) Add socially awkward and that's a trifecta I can't resist.

Now, to get caught up on my nerditude...


  1. So glad to find someone else that enjoy the big bang theory. Gonna have to check out the other shows you mentioned.

  2. I love Chuck. And I've always been a sucker for the boys I call "dorky cute." You know, John Cusack style

  3. So awesome to find another fan of the Big Bang Theory! Sheldon drives me up a wall though. (Leonard, I'd totally hang out with.)

  4. I too love geeks. And adore the Big Bang Theory. I laugh so much, especially with all the geeky comic book references.

    And Criminal Minds is great. The doctor is cute but it's Shemar that really makes me drool on that show. Mmmmmmm.


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