Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It looks like the perfect movie

Has anyone else seen the ads for "Australia"? Andrew's love of Nicole Kidman, and (what can only be described as) my Hugh Jackman addiction make this seem like it's going to be the PERFECT film. Date night, anyone?

Also, have you noticed all the gratuitous topless shots of Hugh? Wow. (Hubba, hubba even.)

(Just for your reference, I've loved all of his movies- even Kate and Leopold, which was TERRIBLE. It just goes to show that if the eye candy is appealing enough, any movie can be considered "good".)

For your enjoyment, bad entertainment (available on DVD) with excellent eye candy:

Shark Attack
(Casper Van Dien)
Tarzan and the Lost City (Casper Van Dien)
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (John Barrowman, from Torchwood)
Robin Hood (the BBC series- Richard Armitage and Jonas Armstrong)


  1. I am just afraid how long the movie itself is going to be. After we saw the preview on tv, my husband ask: "Who directed the trailer?" Probably go see it anyway.

  2. Yes, Australia is definitely on my list of movies to see. If not on the big screen then at least thru Netflix. Love Hugh Jackman.

  3. Hold on a minute here. Kate & Leopold was *worlds* above "Van Helsing". I do like Hugh Jackman, and his presence can redeem a lot, but it didn't help Van Helsing AT ALL. Ray always teases me that I'll go see just about any movie, but I was PISSED at the end of that one because it was just. so. damn. stupid. and. awful.

  4. I think Baz Luhrman is the director of this one too. Which means it will be beautiful to watch overall. (Not just the HJ parts!)


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