Monday, November 24, 2008

In which I find a fart less funny

Friday, Chloe graciously drove me to the airport to head out for my Nerd-tastic birthday extravaganza in Los Angeles. Since I hadn't had time to edit the audio for the podcast (which you should listen to, since it's the one with the Yarn Harlot), I took my laptop with me.

While I waited for my plane to board, I tweaked audio. This guy walks up, sits next to me, releases a nuclear fart, and walks away.



  1. At least it wasn't while he was sitting next to you on the plane. Imagine the person he was next to... what if it was a coast to coast flight? It could have been worse...

  2. People are messed up. At least walk to a semi-private location before ripping one!

  3. "Hey, she's got red hair, let's fart on her!"


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