Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks, C-Dawg

This last year has been extreme. The good things were incredible, and the bad were terrible. When times are tough, I’m always thankful for good friends. This year has been so wrought with tough times that I’m surprised I have any friends left, to be honest.

One person stood out among the crowd for me- where just saying “thank you” didn’t feel like enough. So what did I do?

I knit a lace shawl. Well, half of a lace shawl. Ursula felt the same way I did, so she insisted on doing half, and was super-motivated and got her half done a full month before I finished mine. While my intentions are good, I am not a motivated knitter.

Thank you, Colleen.

Thank you for visiting Andrew in the hospital. Thank you for picking up and putting groceries (that I could eat) in the fridge while I ran around like a headless chicken dealing with Andrew’s medical stuff. Thank you for sitting with him while I went in to the Thankless Job in the mornings.

Thank you for all of your help with the townhouse. Thank you for all of the hours of manual labor, the staging, dealing with us being totally stressed out. Thank you for taking the dogs last minute when we were moving and our dog care fell through.

Thank you for always being willing to share the good stuff. I’m not good at sharing, but I’m trying.

Thank you for all of your help with disciplining the dogs. When I’m at my wit’s end, you always have an idea, and it always works, without fail.

Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. Those of us who lack that creative gene appreciate your out-of-the-hexagonal thinking, your color combinations, and your willingness to MacGuyver just about anything.

Thank you for standing up for me when my parenting was criticized.

Thank you for always being up for an adventure, a Costco run, or randomness.

Thank you for threatening to lay the smackdown on Andrew. That boy can get really uppity sometimes.

Thank you for being my roomie on the cruise. I’ll bring the necktie in the event of irresistible cabana boys.

A shawl isn’t really enough, I know. The list is abbreviated; I know there’s more, but for now, there’s a shawl.

Thanks, C-Dawg.

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