Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sleeping like a baby

That’s right! My sleeping problems are well on their way to being resolved. I went to the doctor on Friday, described my symptoms, the steps I have taken towards remedying the problem- which have been unsuccessful. I also came prepared with a list of solutions that I wanted to try- none of which included chemical cover-ups.

The sleeping problem seems to have exacerbated my migraines, and when the migraine area spread, and Vicodin didn’t ease the pain, I made an appointment. I also made a list. CT scan, sleep study, acupuncture, and check my thyroid.

It seems that when you are a patient who says, “I don’t want to take a chemical substance to cover up the symptoms, I want to solve the problem,” you’re just a crazy hippie. However, when you say, “My husband and I are considering starting to try to conceive in the next few months,” all of a sudden, holistic solutions are CLEARLY the way to go. Whether or not we decide to conceive in the near future is irrelevant. I’m giving this gem to you all, to use as you wish.

My GP has never been particularly helpful, warm, or fuzzy, but this time she spent an hour with me discussing solutions. She also approved all of the procedures and tests that I had on my list, as well as a couple of more tests that I hadn’t thought of. Evidently, the mere thought of babies is enough to soften the heart of my assembly-line doctor.

One of her suggestions was that I see a Behavioral Psychologist. See, when I’m stressed, my health falls to pieces. It starts with not sleeping, and the effects cascade from there. If I can change the behavior that causes the stress- and how I react to stress, then the problem will be solved. If the stress problem is solved, the sleeping problem will be solved. SOLVED! Not just covered up!

Thus far, I’ve had blood drawn, a CT scan, acupuncture, and the first meeting with Dr. B (the Behavioral Psychologist). Everything else has been scheduled.

Ok, that’s it for medical stuff- this is a knitting blog, not a medical one.

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  1. Where do you go that has BoyBand MD's?
    Mine all look like Frank Sinatra or worse.

    BTw, my sleep issues resolved themselves when my thyroid started behaving.


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