Monday, December 3, 2007

So long, Blogdrive, hello Blogger!

That's right, readership!

After wrestling with the RSS feed issues, I've decided to migrate the blog over to Blogger. You can now find Better Than Yarn at:

Now, there aren't e-mail notification options, but you can set up an RSS feed on your computer by doing the following:

1) Look at your address bar. It should look like this:

2) Click on the RSS button. It looks like this:

3) This should take you to a page with this as the header:

4) Click "Subscribe Now". It will ask you where you want the feed to appear. I have a "Blogs" folder.

Alternatively, you could also add me as a friend in Ravelry- I'm cuteknitter - and the RSS feed will pick up my blog posts.

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