Friday, December 7, 2007

Enchanted (a review)

As part of our “get rid of our movie tickets” campaign, Andrew and I have been venturing out into the world and experiencing popular culture in real time.

Since I’m the misanthrope, Andrew lets me choose the movies- but I’m picking things I think we’ll both enjoy.

In order, we’ve seen:

-Dan In Real Life
-Fred Claus [Note: This was so unremarkable that I had to look up what was currently in the theaters.]
-So You Think You Can Dance? [This was live, but we did it in lieu of a movie. It still counts because we got free tickets for BOX SEATS.]

I’ll be the first to admit that commercials work. I saw the ads for Enchanted immediately thought it would be fun. I mistakenly thought it was a kids’ movie.

It’s not. It’s much, much better.

It’s Disney lampooning their movies while simultaneously making the point that fantasy/dreaming/positive thinking DOES have value, especially for children. It’s HYSTERICAL.

I’m not going to go into much detail, except that Alan Menken [Little Mermaid, etc] and Steven Schwartz [Wicked, Godspell] wrote the music for this. It’s truly a gem.

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  1. I agree w/ you on Enchanted -- and my kids -- they liked it too. We were all singing the "park" song, or what we remember of it walking out of the theater and immediately (w/in days) bought the soundtrack.


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