Thursday, December 13, 2007

The devil is in the planning

I believe that to have the most fun, careful, meticulous planning must be done beforehand. There is a reason that the Minions have started calling me the “Tiny Persian Dictator”; I keep things on schedule and make those fun ideas happen.

Planning is a part of my everyday life- I have a gift for maximizing time and resources, and I get annoyed when my good planning is disrupted by someone else’s actions or thoughtlessness. That was last week. This week has gone much better, thank you.

No-blog-Rachel asked me if she could use my space for the finishing of HER Top Secret Project. She’s very pleased that she could use her Minionish resources to keep her TSP a secret from beginning to end. We determined the date that she would bring it over for finishing, and that was that.

I can’t help but be myself. My own TSP was hours away from completion, and I did the math. If it didn’t get finished and blocked on Tuesday, then it wouldn’t be finished blocking until Monday. I plowed through the finishing, hijacked my mother, and we blocked the living daylights out of the TSP until almost 11 PM.

The goal, once I confirm it with my partner in crime, is to deliver the TSP on Thursday. Photos and blog will go up following, since the recipient reads le Blog.

The remaining time-sensitive items are my father’s two hats, and my grandfather’s scarf.

I might actually make it!

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  1. I so believe you can do it!

    (she who has no present knitting)


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