Sunday, December 9, 2007

Purging, Round 2

I’ve done more purging. Anything I haven’t worn in the last year, or that looks like I’ve worn it every day for the last year- GONE!

Some of these items include:

  • My marching band “travel uniform” pants. Size 3. (Don’t hurt yourself laughing trying to remember how long ago that really has been)
  • Most of the sweaters I’ve knit for myself. Two are cropped, two are super-bulky, and the rest I just don’t like anymore.
  • Three pairs of combat boots. ‘Nuff said.
  • Three skirts that are too short to wear anywhere without fishnets and vinyl boots.
  • A wool coat that my mother bought when she first came to the US. 30 years ago. It’s lovely, but too tight in the armholes.
  • A raincoat that also is a little too tight in the armholes.
  • My wedding dress. I’ve worn it twice. That’s plenty for a $10 dress, right?
  • My first pair of “ugly shoes” that I bought with Christine in 1996. I’ve worn them, I’ve loved them, but I’m too old to wear them.
  • Two ugly, cheap, and incredibly functional purses.
  • Two sweaters that were beautiful when I bought them (ahem, four years ago), but have had the “pretty” worn out of them.
  • One sweatshirt that the sleeves “aren’t right” on. (Those with OCD will understand.)

Some days, it just feels better to donate the stuff that weighs you down.


  1. Good for you! I need to do more of that.

  2. When you start getting rid of your roving and yarn, you just let me know. :)

    Nice job unloading stuff! Proud a you. I love the feeling of 'unburdening'. And that must less to take care of/clean is a good thing.

  3. Hon, you need to save your wedding dress.
    Who knows if your first born daughter wants to wear it?


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