Monday, February 11, 2008

Stitches West: T-minus 10 days

Last year, Katie bought the “Trish’s Mini Basque Corselette” kit from White Lies Designs, and challenged me to a race. She bet me that she could finish hers faster than I would finish mine. Andrew, supporting spouse that he is, was all for this competition. He, in fact, was my cheering section. He may even talked smack to my opponent.

I accepted her challenge. We both knit feverishly… for two weeks. Maybe three.

Then we hit the wall. All our pieces were knit, some of them were assembled, but we couldn’t move forward. We were effectively Sock Blocked. At (roughly) the same point in the knitting. It went in the bag, and then, out of sight.

Honestly, what held me up was all of the sewing. To clarify, it wasn’t the seaming of the piece; it’s all the blasted sewing machine sewing. I am totally annoyed by this. For a steek, it’s worth pulling out the sewing machine, but to make a hand-knitted piece more like a piece of commercial underwear? Um, no.

That’s my biggest complaint with her book of knitted lingerie. It’s more sewing than knitting, really. At that point, why not buy commercial lingerie knits and just sew fitting lingerie? Sigh.

I think this all comes back to my philosophy that not all things need to be knitted. Gifts can be bought, and quality lingerie is not knit on size 6 needles.

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