Monday, February 4, 2008

More Less Is More

In order to actively work towards my goal of “less is more” (or as I like to call it, Jasmin 2008), I have been spinning up a virtual storm of Crown Mountain. I decided to start with the Crown Mountain for two reasons: (1) 11 bumps were being stored on my baby grand piano, and though it is pretty, it looks cluttered (2) I only need half of each bump.

So, the Crown Mountain system goes like this:

Step 1: Weigh out three, 38g bumps.

Step 2: Re-“skein” the remaining 4-4.5 oz, reapply the label.

Step 3: Trade it, give it away, or overdye the remaining “bump”. This works to either (a) get it out of the house and not allow it to become clutter or (b) turn into something new and different to spin.

The plan has been working fairly well, as there are only six bumps remaining on the piano. (This doesn’t include the OTHER ten bumps that are in Space Bags. Those are next on the spinning jihad list.) While I’m spinning up my own sock yarn, Andrew can make a determination early in the process as if he wants some or not.

Jasmin 2008 is also all about finishing things. You wouldn’t think so, based on all of the spinning (which * technically * adds to one stash as it comes out of another), but there is a plan. Three projects that I am planning on finishing before I go on the Sea Socks cruise include:

-The Lady Eleanor Shawl. It’s more than half done, and I started it in Dec. 05-ish.

-The seed stitch Jo Sharp sweater that I started for Zak in 2000. I have less than a handspan of knitting to do on the sleeves, and to seam it up. Maybe 15 hours of work. [No, I’m not giving it to Zak. We’re not in a knitwear-exchanging place.]

-My Ribbi Cardi. It’s still at the Ribbi Halter state, and I have an evening of knitting to finish the back. The sleeves require a little pre-planning- in part because I’m anal retentive, and partly because my previous experience has lead me to the fact that knitting sleeves top-down is always the best way of making sure that cap/raglan/not drop shoulder sleeves fit both the sleeve holes and the subsized wearer (me). Feel free to disagree.

All three of these projects are in my living room, queued up to be worked on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these all finished in rapid succession of each other.

I can be goal-oriented sometimes. I swear!


  1. So when it comes time to bid your bump leftovers 'adieu' do let me know - I may be interested in a purchase or trade!


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