Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review Template and Intent

Jerry asked:

“Thank you for being honest about what you write. Will you also give negative reviews in a positive light. Like, "I would like this better if it had more twist and less splitty??" I just omit the review and let the blog reader draw their own conclusions. I may disclose my purchases but only review what I like.”

That’s a really good question, Jerry. While I try to be a tactful person (generally), and my diplomatic skills were praised by an ex-boss recently, if something doesn’t live up to my standards, I’ll say so. I think it's important to be polite, but I find positively-skewed reviews to be, frankly, skewed. The existence of the skew messes with the "balance" of my fair-and-balanced reviews.

Now, I won’t say anything unnecessarily unpleasant or rude. I’m working out my format for the reviews. So far, the template looks like this:

Product: [NAME]

Product Description: [DESC. OF MATERIALS]

Bought from: [STORE/WEBSITE]

Price/Gift: [$X]

Comments: [BLA BLA]

I’m also going to be sending links of my reviews to the people who I’ve bought the product from and/or the company.

Anything else I should add?

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  1. I figured by linking to the hamster ball (they laughed at that description!) people, they'll find what I said.


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