Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I love this scarf


I love this scarf.

It’s Henry from Knitty, with some adaptations (changes can be found below). I’m knitting it out of the Buffalo Gals yarn (70% bison, 30% merino). It’s a respectable sportweight yarn, and it’s a dream to knit with.

Every row I knit on it makes it more and more beautiful.


It’s killing me.

It’s not taking a knife out and stabbing me, or slowly giving me cancer, but the 328 stitches per row are absolutely, positively, killing me. It’s the slipping and knitting (or purling). Hell on the hands, people.

I’m all for martyrdom- don’t get me wrong. I’m also not denying the beauty of this piece. But the motion involved in all of the slipping and knitting (or purling) is simply destroying my left hand. (Or, it does after a few hours, I should say.)

When I cast it on, I was convinced I would knit ninety of them. Now, I’m fairly certain that once this one is finished, I’ll love it and wear it all the time- but I won’t knit another one. Ever.

I’m just thrilled that I was smart enough to size up the yarn (as opposed to knitting it in the recommended fingering weight). I followed the pattern with the exception of the two following changes.

My changes:

-Cast on 164 sts

-[Following row 1]Inc to 328 sts.

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