Thursday, February 28, 2008

“…and rain will make the flowers grow.”

Flowers and weeds, it turns out. I have a tragically brown thumb, so I stick to what I’m good at- demo work. I may be terrible at keeping plants alive, but I am stellar at weeding. No joke.

Our Awesome Neighbors moved to Hawaii last week and their house went up on the market on Monday. I saw that the sign listed open houses this weekend, so I thought (since it has stopped raining, at least briefly) it would be a good time to deal with the weeds in the front yard. This was a 15-minute task in my poor, delusional mind.

The soil out front is nice and soft (and still a little damp). I was pulling out good-sized weeds with ease. For every weed I pulled, I saw four more that needed pulling. No problem; for the AN’s open house, I wanted the front of our house to look as nice as possible. When the space between our houses was weeded, I walked to the “rose” section of our yard.

Four. Foot. Dandelions. No joke.

Did you ever see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze? It was EXACTLY like those dandelions. They must have weighed close to twenty pounds, and needed the leverage of my full body weight to get the roots moving.

We filled our green waste bin in 45 minutes. That would be 45 minutes of triumphant “Boo-yah”-ing and “Ha!”-ing as Andrew and I relieved our garden of the unnaturally large weeds.

Maybe I should spend more time out there; who knows, maybe whatever made the Uber-Dandelions will make me a superhero.

SuperJasmin has quite the ring to it, don’t you think?


  1. Now I'm going to go all eco on you. Weeds are usually an indication that something's wrong with your soil (no, not poisonous, just not the healthiest it could be). Dandelions are great at breaking up over-compacted soil. You might want to consider putting in some sunflower seeds to take their place. The dwarf, non-pollenating varieties produce gorgeous flowers, both on the stem and cut. Their long roots will loosen up that soil for you while they sit there lookin' pretty.

  2. SuperJasmine needs to come to my house and pull weeds.


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