Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nineteen pounds of fun

That’s how much roving arrived at the house yesterday. We bought five fleeces at the Monterey Wool Auction. Colleen and Cynthia got the 2nd place fleece last month- a white fleece from a beautiful Corriedale ewe.

Today, we got the two Merinos and one of the two Romney fleeces. As always, they arrived in Sheri’s beautiful, OCD-inducing coils (“Keep them pretty!”).

I bet you want to see them. Knitters are all voyeurs; so you’ll have to wait until I can figure out how to photograph 19 pounds to show it’s true glory.

Grey and navy blue are my colors this year. When we went to the wool auction, I was strictly looking for “natural” colored fleeces. “Natural” meaning anything non-white, since white fleeces are a trait that sheep are bred for. Some of the coolest looking fleeces are the colors that appear naturally. There were three variegated fleeces at the auction, and I bid on all of them.

If it wasn’t for the evil woman behind me (who was bidding on everything I was bidding on, after seeing me bid), I would have won all three. Oh well. Next year I’ll take Rachel to be my muscle (to menace the aforementioned evil


  1. Good heavens, woman! 19 pounds?! Happy spinning...!

  2. Next year I'll beat the snot out of the Evil Woman behind you. The NERVE of her!

    And um, yes. I'll be sending you my rent deposit and moving in with you guys shortly. That much fiber is too good to resist. I just picked up 3 pounds of Merino and thought THAT was a lot. 19????

  3. I too love undyed wool that is not white. Admittedly I am not in the "buying a fleece" kind of spinning yet (I started in December.) but I did find several sources of roving that come in various shades of browns and blacks.

    The only kind of naturally colored wool I have not liked was Jacob. But some of that might have been that it was a sliver not a roving top. It seemed really crimpy and curly.


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