Friday, January 11, 2008

Sock Blocked

A few nights back, Kelly was talking about a pair of socks that she Could Not Finish. She didn’t like how the yarn was knitting up, it was splitty and she was effectively blocked from knitting socks. Sock Blocked. Like a cock block, but for socks.

[For those not familiar with the term “cock block”, it’s when a person or thing gets in the way of copulation. Click here for the Urban Dictionary definition. So, a friend pretending to be a significant other would be a “cock blocker”. Crude, but appropriate.]

This happens all the time; you start knitting a project, and SOMETHING happens that makes the project completely unappealing. Repulsive, even. You toss the project aside, and regardless of what the project actually is, you have been Sock Blocked. You can never go back there, it's not the same. (For those who believe in Ladder Theory, the sock has moved to the "just friends" ladder.)

(Feel free to use this term in social situations, ie, “I’ve totally been Sock Blocked!” or “That darn [insert designer name] totally Sock Blocked me!”)

So, I made an agreement with Kelly. I would knit her blocked socks, and she will knit me a pair of socks. We’ll see if that cures her blockage.

1 comment:

  1. Sock blocked, I like it.
    I have had that, and I detest it.

    Good for you you traded.


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