Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Driving Miss Gigi

Mom is arriving back from overseas today. Though no requests were made for Reuben sandwiches, her travel schedule posed a bit of a problem.

Tehran is 11 1/2 hours ahead of us. Her plane left at God-Awful-Early AM (Tehran time), which makes it a Totally Reasonable hour here. Mom's schedule is all messed up, so every time she thought to call, she realized that it was an Unreasonable Hour in California.

I'll admit to making overseas calls at 2:30 AM their time, only remember it was an Unreasonable Hour in Tehran once my very tired, confused, and angry uncle answered the phone. Ooops. I hung up, glad that star-sixty-nine doesn't work on international calls. My cowardice is LEGEND.

Back to Mom. Right.

I have her flight information. I like to keep tabs on how the travel is going (a la flight tracker), so that in case of a delay, I'm not left uninformed. Sam's flight was delayed more than eight hours. Due to my meticulous planning and flight tracking, his Reuben was delivered hot. (Or lukewarm. San Francisco is a bit of a drive, folks.)

So, standard real-time flight trackers only work for domestic flights, which is fine, unless you have someone flying internationally to get domestic. After a few minutes of hunting, I found a site that would update me on the status of her flight, but alas, with no cool, real-time graphics.

Providing everything stays on schedule, Mom should be home this afternoon. Jet-lagged like a mofo, but home.

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