Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One remote to rule them all

When Blake was recommending our entertainment center setup, he mentioned getting a “master” remote- one remote to control all of the pieces. Where I normally would defer to his expertise on all things audio/visual, I took a look at these remotes and got sticker shock.

The high-end ones (with the all-too-sexy touch screens) were running close to $500, while the least-expensive (while still acceptable) model was closer to $200. For a remote control.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a television addiction. I love it. It helps me relax and with the Tivo, I am selecting all of my own programming so I don’t watch television for the sake of television. But I don’t accessorize my television. Where I’ll happily spend that same $200-$500 on roving, yarn, or spinning wheels without a hesitation, I may have guffawed at the idea of spending the same money on a remote control.

But, it turns out that Blake, as always, was right. This was how many remotes we needed to perform simple tasks like watching the Tivo and changing the volume required this many remotes and a detailed instruction manual:


Now? All I need is this:

one remote

It knows all. It can do it all. It’s got a color screen, motion-activated, and programmed on the internet.

The best part? Our Best Buy rewards points paid for almost all of it. And it was on sale.


  1. Fair warning, my dears...

    We have this remote (as well as its B/W previous model) and we learned that it stops charging at somepoint. I thought we'd dropped it one too many times -- and that may be it. But we've gone back to the one with batteries (and it CHEWS batteries) because of the charging problems.

    However, I like you saw NO point, until I got this remote -- I love this remote and it makes me love my TV more (if that was possible.)

  2. I call those 'shopping conquests'. Something great for practically nil out-of-pocket. I LOVE shopping conquests!


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