Wednesday, January 30, 2008

“My kingdom for a coat!”

A few nights ago, I was on the phone with Linda, waxing poetic about this beautiful coat I had tried on a few months back. I had decided, after trying it on and LOVING it, that I would wait until it went on sale. Because at Wilson’s, things always go on sale, and it’s usually a good sale.

I pulled up the website, and to my great surprise, my coat was ON SALE!

In XL. ONLY in XL.

This was good for Linda, who is busty enough to fill out an XL. On my best day, I can’t fill an XL. I told Andrew about it, and said that I would call the stores in the area to see if I could find one in a Small. I tried Oakridge, Gilroy, and Milpitas. No luck, only an Unpleasant Associate at the Milpitas store- who was supposedly in possession of my coat, in a Small.

When the Unpleasant Associate was on the phone with me, and I asked him to check his stock, he took thirty seconds and deemed- in an annoyed tone of voice- that my coat was never there. I wanted to speak with someone else, so I called back two hours later, and got the same guy. I gave Andrew the information about the coat, and the phone number.

Andrew had some success. He spoke with the Unpleasant Associate, who managed to find my coat at the Pleasanton store. Andrew called me to let me know that not only had he found my coat, but that he was going to drive up to Pleasanton to pick it up for me.

While I normally would have responded with a “Sweet!”, I knew exactly how long his day had ALREADY been. I said, “I’ll go and get it, that way you’re not driving all night.” I called Cynthia, and she joined me for the jaunt out to Pleasanton.

The fates were with us, we were parked just outside where the Wilson’s was, and there was my beautiful coat, in my size. Choirs of angels rejoiced as I paid for my beautiful treasure. As I was paying, the Very Helpful Manager pointed out that there was another coat in my size- in white. On hold until 9 PM. She was fairly certain that the customer wasn’t coming to get it- it was already about 8PM at this point, and they close at 9PM.

We made a swing through the mall, bought some necessary stuff, and headed back. During this jaunt, Jasmin 2007 and Jasmin 2008 had a necessary discussion.

J2007: I should buy the pretty white coat. It’s my dream coat.

J2008: I bought the black coat. That’s the dream coat. I don’t think I could keep a white coat clean for five minutes.

J2007: I don’t give myself enough credit. I am a competent adult. I could keep a white coat clean.

J2008: I don’t need-need it. But the cut and fit is amazing.

J2007: AND if you decide you don’t like it, you can dye it.

J2008: It’s on sale at half the original price. So that’s two amazing coats for the price of one.

J2007: That’s VALUE.

J2008: I’ve gotten rid of a lot of clothes. Including coats.

J2007: You’re good, J2008. You’ve waited on the coat until it went on sale, you haven’t bought anything you didn’t need, and you’re getting rid of things you’re not using. You’ve even waited on those pretty dress shoes you’ve been lusting after.

J2008: I have been very virtuous.

J2007: What’s one extra coat? Tim Gunn would approve on all fronts.

The white coat is MINE now.

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