Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crushing defeat

Or, more accurately, crushing da hand. Ba dum bum.

On Thursday, my left hand incurred a crushing injury. No bones were broken, it just got smooshed pretty thoroughly. Colleen took care of the triage work and kept an eye on me, and no X-rays or emergency rooms were needed.

I was reminded how I don’t like to sit empty handed. I couldn’t type, I couldn’t knit. What was a woman to do?

I spun. I could put the ice pack on the affected area, and my left hand simply held the roving. I got a lot accomplished.

The Exhausted Pinks were spun and plied (almost 1000 yards of a respectable fingering weight):



I spun and plied my Henrietta (from The Dyeing Arts, bought from the Lime’n’Violet store)- I finally managed a 3-ply sock weight yarn (450 yds/4 oz.)!



I love this color. It’s psychedelic Easter egg colors. My fingers are itching to knit these.
Not to leave you wanting, but I did have a three day weekend. I also spun and plied 4 ounces of “She’s Like a Rainbow” from Crown Mountain.

She's Like a Rainbow- Roving

She's like a rainbow- skein

She's like a rainbow- CU

This turned out a little thicker than intended- but it’s a nice sport weight (roughly 350 yds/4 oz). The cooler part is what I decided while I was spinning it.

First, if you’re planning on buying any roving from Crown Mountain, DO. Klaus is a charming man, the roving is an AMAZING value, and it is excellent quality. I couldn’t recommend it more- especially if you’re a beginning spinner.

They give you 8.5 ounces for $19, which is awesome. That means you can spin a thicker yarn and still have enough yardage for something. With 4 ounces, you either have enough for a hat (or socks), or you don’t. That’s it.

Once you’re a more consistent spinner, you know how much you need (roughly) for your intended project. At this point, if Andrew isn’t into the color I’m spinning, I’m only spinning 4 ounces of the bump. Which means, I can trade or sell the other 4-4.5 oz.

Either way, it works.


  1. Ouch! Great one-handed (sort-of) spinning. My spinning isn't that beautiful using 2 good hands... Love how you can't quite predict how the yarn will turn out just by looking at the roving.

  2. I can't believe you did all this so quickly! Your yarns are amazing! How long have you been spinning?

  3. Beautiful yarn, Jasmin. Do be careful: the on-off switch went wonky on my old (and it's why it's my old) stand mixer, and it flipped itself on while my hand was down in the bowl. X-ray said I had a compression fracture in my wrist, and I had to wear a splint for a couple of weeks. Better that than not taking care of it--take care of yourself!


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