Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bye, Bye American Pie

The crime scene:

crime scene

The evidence was found here. (The empty pie plate.)

The suspects:


(Niki, smug on the left. Elphie, playing innocent on the right. Don't let those Yoda ears fool you.)

The victim:

recycling can

(Sorry, this is a morgue shot. You know, for matters of taste.)

One of our neighbors bakes a pecan pie for all of their neighbors. Mom brought it over to share with us. In her haste to get her off to the airport in a timely manner, the pie was left unsecured. On the floor, in a bag.

We got home later that evening to find an overturned, empty pie tin. Since Andrew and I had both been sick, we couldn’t smell the pan to figure out it’s former contents. I guessed the pecan pie when I realized that I had two, sugar-coated dogs.

As all neurotic dog owners do, I checked the dog book to make sure that they would be okay. Other than Elphie being more crack-tastic than normal, they would be fine, and I was instructed to check for vomiting and… other unpleasant functions.

While I was doing the obligatory scooping, it was confirmed that the victim was a pecan pie.

Rest in poop, Pecan Pie. We never knew how good you were.


  1. This is the kind of time when dogs are just lucky they're so damned cute.

    Thanks for posting this - it makes me feel as if I'm not the only one driven crazy by the fuzzballs residing in my house!

  2. Can't see the morgue pics, but I hope it's not a pic of dog-doodoo.

    I :heart: your pups faces.

  3. I am laughing TOO hard. But darn, now I want a slice of pecan pie.


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