Sunday, September 16, 2007

So full of virtue, I could spew…

Purlescence finally got in the Dream in Color yarns and patters. I was there, doing my normal knitting thing, and there were the boxes and boxes of "Classy", one color more beautiful than the next.

If you're a regular reader, or you know me personally, you'll know that I have a lot of yarn. You'll also know that the last statement is a drastic understatement. Since the old place hasn't sold yet, new stuff is not really an option- we're using some of the "money" (it'll come out of quotes once it's real and actual money has materialized) to re-do the kitchen in the new place and put in some decent storage in the garage.

So, I bought the pattern for the AWESOME lace shrug, went home, dug through the stash, and emerged with THE PERFECT yarn for the project. Then, to double my virtue (and double my fun, if you will), I cast it on Thursday night and completed the knitting this afternoon.

That's right. Start to finish, the shrug took three days to knit. (It's waiting to be blocked, I'll post pictures once that's done.) That would be three days of red hands, caused by bleeding yarn.

Now, I hate to sound like Lady Macbeth, but seriously, getting red dye out of your nails is darn near impossible. I'm looking forward to seeing how much dye comes off in the pre-blocking soak.

The shrug itself is terribly addictive to knit- I haven't knit anything in worsted weight in months, and watching a piece grow so quickly is… addictive.

So, in summary: one FO out of the stash in one weekend. Life is good.

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