Monday, September 10, 2007

Ah... The Sweet Smell of Wet Wool

So, Lily of the Valley (which has been finished for a week and a half) is now on the blocking board. Is there anything as pleasant as the smell of wet wool? Mmmm.... (I know, I'm a total weirdo.) I also finished my Guenevere (from Shawl Style) this last weekend. It looks like a crumpled wad of yuck now, but it will be much improved with blocking. Pictures will be posted then. This makes a total of 4 lace shawls this summer. (Summer is over on the 21st of this month.) Wendy is doing her "Summer of Socks"; mine ended up being the "Summer of Shawls". I've cast on two more lace shawls, and I am still obsessed. One of the lace shawls is a semi- original, the other is from one of the little Vogue Knitting books. I'm still spinning- just nothing interesting. I'm not about to post pictures of white roving, or white singles. Once they're dyed, then I'll post pictures. Speaking of dyeing, the Minions are doing a dyeing day at the end of the month, so Cynthia, Colleen and I all went up to Carolina Homespun on Friday. I bought the necessities- and found the PERFECT roving for my Peacock Plumes shawl:

I know it's a giant picture, but you can really see the depth of the color. FINALLY! I've found something that feels "just right" for this shawl!

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